Gambling is an activity that nowadays creates a lot of controversy and that confronts, on the one hand, those who are against its practice and, on the other hand, those who want to obtain an economic benefit from it. There are different reasons why a part of the world population is against this business. These reasons range from ethical, moral and religious reasons to political reasons.

If you are planning your next vacation and would like to know which countries are those that prohibit situs judi online Malaysia , what are their legal measures and different exceptions, we advise you to continue reading.

Countries that criminalize illegal gambling

From 2007 to 2017, 900 casinos have closed around the world and another 1,200 have opened their doors. Both data represent the disparity of opinions that exist on the subject. There are many countries that totally prohibit gambling while others regulate its practice with strict laws.

Brazil: is considered one of the strictest countries regarding gambling. Gambling is prohibited both in commercial premises and on web pages.

Mexico: Although federal laws in this country allow land-based 1bet2u Malaysia gambling establishments that offer Class III gaming machines, bingo, dog racing betting, mutual betting and sports betting, the legislation prohibits card games , roulette and slot machines. On the other hand, games like poker, Seven, Loco and Manilla can still be played in some casinos.

Guatemala: according to article 477 of the country’s Penal Code: “Owning or managing gambling houses of luck, stake or chance will be punished with 1 to 4 years in prison and high fines.”

Uruguay: the laws of this country only allow games of chance in some hotels and establishments that comply with a series of rules. Among them, do you know which one? The elimination of slot machines.

United States: The federal government of the United States is against the activities that can generate illicit purchases in the background. However, the State supports some areas such as those of Atlantic City or Las Vegas, since they suppose a great economic support to the nation. Despite this, in states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, South Carolina, Tennessee, Massachusetts or New York, the practice of gambling outside of the person’s home is penalized with high fines and even jail time. .

Russia: in 2009, a new article came into force that bans businesses that offer betting activities, including the sale of lottery tickets, in almost the entire country. A year later, the government granted concessions to entrepreneurs in specific areas such as Krasnodar (southern Russia), Altay (more Asian region) and Yantarnaya (in the city of Kaliningrad), in order to promote tourism.

China: the only way to be able to play legally in this country is, of course, through the two government lotteries. Additionally, players must be over 21 years of age. However, Hong Kong and Macao are considered “special administrative regions”. In them the Government allows the activity of both casinos and luxury racetracks.

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